Poor hygiene increases risk of diseases in children

Poor hygiene is a common cause of diseases and infections in children. More than half of all diseases in young children are caused by germs that get into their mouth through dirty food, dirty water or dirty hands.

Parents should teach their little ones about how germs are spread and what are the benefits of good hygiene.

Children also must be taught about how and when to wash their hands and may be encouraged to practice good hygiene.

Measures for good hygiene:-

– Make the children wash their hands before eating

– Wash your hands before cooking and serving food

– Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water

– Hand washing after use of the toilet is a must

– Avoid open field defecation

– Use the toilet

– Maintain good personal hygiene for the child

– Do not let the children play in dirty water

– Wash the vegetables in clean water

– Ensure that dishes used for cooking and eating are clean

– Keep prepared foods covered

– Avoid eating from open roadside eateries

– Do not allow a child to eat stale food

– Give freshly cooked food to the child

– Give boiled and clean water to drink

Promoting good personal hygiene habits protect children from the threat of germs and diseases. It also helps them keeping healthy in their life.

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